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S.A.L.T. is a drop-off home school tutorial serving Columbia, Spring Hill, and surrounding areas with hands-on enrichment education for all children. We gladly accept children with special needs and brain-based disorders as well as those who have no special needs at all.

Our Mission ... 

What is S.A.L.T. ?

S.A.L.T. was originally formed though a God given vision. As the mother of several learning disabled children and after teaching and homeschooling not only my own but many others I realized that there was a need in the Maury County area for a tutorial that was hands on and open to children of all learning stages and abilities. I also realized that my youngest needed this too. I took my idea to my friend and fellow homeschooler Miss Kim and asked her what she thought. She loved the idea and agreed that her son too could benefit as well as children from all over the area. So from there we went, we found Others who wanted to be a part of our vision also and from there it blossomed.
S.A.L.T. is a unique program that allows for instructional time combined with lot’s of moment and kinesthetic learning. Every subject has a hands on lesson as part of it and the students are encourages to ask questions and experience their education in a warm and fun environment. We also involve other teacher, leaders, pastor, and explorers from our communities to come in and share with our students, we also take field trips in order to further our learning on many subject. The classroom setting is very Charlotte Mason in that students are only separated during learning times but all together for P.E and lunch activities. We learn  to get along with each other regardless of age, grade or learning ability and we learn appropriate ways to socialize with each other.
My vision for S.A.L.T. continues to grow and we fearlessly depend on God to lead us on this journey in educational freedom.

We are excited to announce our 2014-2015 Class offerings. Please be sure to see the "What we Do" page to read all the  class descriptions!

  *** SALT is a faith based one day tutorial .

Tuesdays : Classes begin at 10am and end at 3pm every Tuesday from September 9th 2014 through May 12, 2015

Classes offered:

Salt dates

First day of classes - September 9
Fall break - October 7
Thanksgiving break - November 25
Christmas break - December 23 - January 5
Spring break - March 3
Easter - March 31
Last day - May 12

Salt will be held on Tuesdays this year from 10 am - 3:00 pm at New Life Church on Cayce Ln in Columbia Tn.
We will be offering classes to k- 12 this year and our schedule will be as follows....

10:00 - 10:30 - devotion (all ages)
10:30 - 11:30 - Art (k- 5) American History or Art (6-12)
11:30- 12:30 - lunch/recess (all ages)
12:30 -1:30 - American History (k-5) Photography (6-12)
1:30- 2:30 - Cooking/science (k-5) Robotics (6-12)
2:30-3:00 - free time/recess

*****Classes are subject to change if the need arises based on interest

***6-12 grade classes will be paid for to the individual teacher in the amount of 80$per semester per class. *Cash is Preferred*

****K-5 fees will be paid to the director in the amount of 75$per month

***There will be a yearly registration fee of 25$per student and a yearly supply fee of 50$per student.

Please feel free to call me at 931-215-6359 with any questions or to register your child for this school year.

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